20 Mar 1999""Brent Foster and Evelyn Williamson are the champs""

  • St Helier's Bay
  • |
  • Swim: 2000 metre
  • |
  • Run: 8 kilometre

Fila New Zealand Swimrun Championships

The FILA New Zealand Swimrun Championships for 1999 were held at St Heliers Bay, Auckland starting at 8.00 am on Saturday morning in near perfect conditions for fast racing. A slight offshore breeze left the sea flat and smooth for the 2000 metre swim. The incoming tide may have even helped swimmers along down the back of the two lap triangular course.

The half way point was a buoy just 10 metres in front of the transition area giving spectators an excellent view of the mid point of the swim. Skies were overcast with the late summer sun burning off the cloud cover just as the first athletes crossed the finish line so heat was not a factor during the race. The 8 kilometre run followed the curve of the Auckland waterfront and was totally flat apart from a 200 metre climb leading up to the turnaround at the 4 kilometre point.

Reigning New Zealand Swimrun Champion Brent Foster’s toughest competition was expected to come from last season’s runner up, Kris Gemmell from Christchurch. Adding competition and an international flavour to the Men’s field was the World Champion athlete Olivier Bernhard from Switzerland. Two time New Zealand Champion Heidi Alexander faced a stern challenge this year from a handful of the countries best athletes. Evelyn Williamson from Wellington, Shanelle Barrett and Fiona Docherty from Taupo and the 1994 Swimrun Champion, the recently married Marisa Carter (nee Pentecost) were all looking to prevent Alexander from winning another title.

At the halfway point of the swim Brent Foster had opened up a commanding lead on the chasing pack of swimmers. Marisa Carter was leading the woman and in the top 10 overall at this stage. Brent Foster applied further pressure over the later portion of the swim leg and started the run over a minute and a half clear of the next man. The next man just happened to be his twin brother Dean Foster who had Kris Gemmell in tow at the end of the swim. Peter Clode was only a further 10 seconds down at this point but was still feeling the effects of his Ironman competition two weeks earlier and withdrew half way through the run. A further minute down on Gemmell after the swim was Olivier Bernhard whose smooth running style looked ominous for the lead men. Gemmell passed Dean Foster in transition and set off after the leading Foster like a speeding bullet. Unfortunately bullets have trouble going around corners and this problem would also prove to be Gemmell’s downfall later in the day. With every passing metre Gemmell proceeded to take large chunks from Brent Foster’s rapidly evaporating lead and in the final kilometres Gemmell took the lead and crossed the line in first place ahead of Brent Foster. Olivier Bernhard was all class as he made quick work of the 8 kilometres but couldn’t catch the two leaders and finished third ahead of Silas Cullen who also had a tremendous run leg. Dean Foster backed up his superb swim with a strong run to round out the top five. Unfortunately for Gemmell his elation turned to disappointment as he was given a two minute time penalty for running on the road instead of the footpath which relegated him to third place.

Marisa Carter finished the swim in front of all but a handful of the men and started the run 45 seconds clear of the second woman Evelyn Williamson. Carter was having her best season in recent years and eager to regain her title but Williamson’s run has improved markedly over recent seasons and she quickly passed Carter and moved to the head of the woman’s field.

Starting the run a couple of minutes behind these leading woman was Shanelle Barrett who was on her way to recording the fastest run split of the day. Barrett’s run was good enough to get her up into second but Evelyn Williamson was not to be denied her victory as she took the title of Swimrun Champion for 1999 in a time of 55 minutes and 35 seconds. Carter held out last season’s Champion Heidi Alexander and took third while Fiona Docherty missed a turn near the finish to allow Megan Dalton to snatch back fifth place.


Male Female
1 Brent Foster 50m 46s Evelyn Williamson 55m 35s
2 Olivier Bernhard 51m 35s Shanelle Barrett 55m 51s
3 Kris Gemmell 52m 14s Marisa Carter 57m 03s
4 Silas Cullen 53m 53s Heidi Alexander 57m 45s
5 Dean Foster 53m 56s Megan Dalton 59m 11s
Under 18
1 Chris Williams 54m 24s Kirsty Whiting 63m 04s
18 – 19
1 Richard O’Brien 76m 38s Vanessa Palmer 65m 21s
20 – 24
1 Dean Jagusch 54m 02s Fiona Docherty 59m 49s
2 Dennis Wakefield 54m 40s Sione Jongstra 62m 06s
3 Steve Nicholls 55m 46s Raelene Keown 65m 35s
25- 29
1 Wayne Oxenham 60m 18s Shena Heath 65m 17s
2 Richard Trass 61m 18s Claire Barry 65m 28s
3 Jack Butland 62m 35s Liz Carr 66m 22s
30 – 34
1 Darragh Walshe 54m 57s Melissa Chambers 67m 06s
2 Tony Hawkes 57m 54s Tania Woodbury 70m 53s
3 Chris Weeks 58m 42s Leanne Geach 71m 13s
35- 39
1 Stuart Blake 54m 22s Leanne Johnston 63m 27s
2 Simon Geach 54m 22s Josie Sinclair 64m 05s
3 Jean-Luc Boulanger 57m 38s Gerda Kuschel 81m 31s
40 – 44
1 Steven Howell 59m 43s Margie Peat 67m 18s
2 Mike Murray 60m 45s Terri Moyes 71m 28s
3 Paul David 62m 49s Liz Hardley 79m 31s
45- 49
1 Rick Faulding 55m 59s Lorene Smith 66m 53s
2 David Peirce 61m 07s Isla Nixon 77m 16s
3 John Moyes 63m 11s Margaret Henley 80m 51s
50 – 54
1 Murray Glen 63m 04s
2 Gary Gotlieb 67m 36s
3 Michael Ure 82m 00s
55 – 59
1 Ash Harding 67m 21s Jacky Tasker 79m 48s
2 Alex Shaw 68m 32s Glenis King 81m 34s
3 Michael Meekings 75m 56s Jo Crooks 81m 44s
60 – 65
1 Keith Pearce 65m 02s Judy Barfoot 88m 38s
2 Laurie Wesley 74m 53s
3 Joseph McCallum 76m 38s
65 Plus
1 Alec Hill 78m 36s


Place Name Swim Run Total
1 Brent Foster 22.30 28.16 50.46
2 Olivier Bernhard 25.16 26.19 51.35
3 Kris Gemmell 23.59 28.15* 52.14
4 Silas Cullen 25.44 28.09 53.53
5 Dean Foster 24.10 29.46 53.56
6 Dean Jagusch 24.55 29.07 54.02
7 Stuart Blake 25.33 28.49 54.22
8 Chris Williams 24.41 29.43 54.24
9 Dennis Wakefield 24.20 30.20 54.40
10 Darragh Walshe 25.29 29.28 54.57
* (includes 2 minute time penalty)


Place Name Swim Run Total
1 Evelyn Williamson 25.07 30.28 55.35
2 Shanelle Barrett 27.01 28.50 55.51
3 Marisa Carter 24.23 32.40 57.03
4 Heidi Alexander 27.18 30.27 57.45
5 Megan Dalton 25.32 33.39 59.11
6 Fiona Docherty 28.27 31.22 59.49
7 Sione Jongstra 30.27 31.39 62.06
8 Kirsty Whiting 26.26 36.38 63.04
9 Leanne Johnston 31.17 32.10 63.27
10 Josie Sinclair 32.20 31.45 64.05





Brent Foster



Olivier Bernhard        SWI



Kris Gemmell



Silas Cullen



Dean Foster



Dean Jagusch



Stuart Blake



Chris Williams



Dennis Wakefield



Darragh Walshe




Evelyn Williamson



Shanelle Barrett



Marisa Carter



Heidi Alexander



Megan Dalton



Fiona Docherty



Sione Jongstra        NED



Kirsty Whiting



Leanne Johnston



Josie Sinclair


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